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    AxisValence (A Business Unit of A.T.E. Enterprises)


    AxisValence, a business unit of A.T.E. provides a range electro-mechanical systems and accessories for industrial applications. The applications we cater to include; paper, film, foil manufacturing and conversion, printing, packaging, textile, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, automobile, white goods, tyre, tube, fibre, glass, wood, laminates, etc. Our experience in application engineering, design and industrial controls are sure to improve safety, productivity and quality for your organisation. Our innovative solutions are customised to your requirements.

    Our solutions include:

    • Equipment and accessories for gravure, flexography, web offset, and sheet-fed offset printing including
    1. Register control systems
    2. Web video systems
    3. Defect detection systems
    4. Stroboscopes
    5. Control of static electricity in industrial, laboratory and electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications
    • Ink handling and conditioning for printing, coating, and lamination machines and for related applications
    • Surface cleaning and removal of dust from paper, film, foil and other products
    • Heat recovery from exhaust air on printing, laminating and coating machines
    • Waste solvent reclaimers and automatic press parts washers
    • Chamber doctor blades and holders for rotogravure and flexographic printing
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    Valstat® DP10 antistatic touch pads



    Valstat® DP 10 static discharge pads are antistatic touch pads. Touching the pad frees operators and workers of electrostatic charge build-up thereby improving safety.

    Applications Print and packaging, plastic converting, petrochemical refineries, and more
    Size 1'x1'

    Valence V205 digital electrostatic charge meter



    The Valstat® V205 is a compact, hand-held digital electrostatic charge meter designed to locate and measure the polarity and magnitude of surface voltage on stationary and moving objects (Range: ± 19.99 kV at 50 mm from the object).

    1" BSP (F) x 3/4" hose adapter - (TV30)


    1" BSP (M) x 3/4" hose adapter (M)


    1” BSP plug (brass)


    1” T Connector


    AxisValence (A Business Unit of A.T.E. Enterprises)

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